The Power Of Their Common Sense

Written in late May 2020

We have to read between the lines with how Cummings defended his actions and those around him who justified it. When we look closely we see the same message from the powerful as that put forward by Rees-Mogg. The confused, ‘normal’ people should do as they are told but the powerful, and the clever should use their common sense and do as they please – make their own minds up and trust their instincts. 

The fire services told the doomed residents of Grenfell Tower to remain where they were as they believed the fire door would hold  until the fire could be put under control. Of course, Rees-Mogg sees past this and would have used his common sense – his instincts – to not listen to the direction and just leave. He, alone, knows that to do anything else is foolish. Those who listened to what they were told lacked common sense; lacked the instincts to survive this ritual sacrifice to the Lovecraftian god called austerity. 

Cummings reiterated this belief that the elite can be trusted to use their common sense and instincts and in fact they should be lauded and praised for such things. He did not listen to instructions as he followed his instincts. Our betters and their instincts need not explain anything to anyone, and most of all not to us. When you get to this position you are the rules – you don’t follow them – that is just common sense. There is little more dangerous for an elite based, class-conscious government with something to hide than an electorate trusting their own instincts and using their common sense, because that is the road to revolution; the path to change. They have to control us, tell us what to do, how to be good parents, good citizens. To not listen to them is simply not common sense. We MUST trust their instincts but not our own. After all, they are our betters. 

We see this very clearly with the school reopening: we are not told to trust our feelings about the safety of our children. We are told to trust our leaders. Trust in their judgements, their common sense and above all in their instincts. Their parental care and love for what is best for our children far outweigh our capacity and understanding of such things. Instincts are for the powerful – rules and direction for the rest of us. The blue collar and white collar dichotomy all prevailing. In their minds there are those born to be management and those condemned to serfdom. Know your place and be silent in the narrative they want us to follow….. 

~ L&A May20 ~

2 thoughts on “The Power Of Their Common Sense

  1. These are all excellent, your brother M passed these on to me to read, I’ve shared on Facebook (until it and myself are removed)


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