Catalogue of Catastrophe: Part II

This follows on from Catalogue of Catastrophe: Part I, which should be read first.

The first lockdown was lifted too early and too rapidly, against the advice of his own SAGE advisors (Scientific and Advisory Group for Emergencies). New instructions were issued by Our Beloved Leader, but they were extremely convoluted. Many people were confused and found the new rules baffling.

‘Eat Out to Help Out’. Our Beloved Leader had been warned in August 2020 by SAGE that a new strain of Covid could emerge in the UK. Rather than tackle this, de Pfeffel and Sunak instead invested money into and cheerfully promoted the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. People were encouraged to go and eat a meal in a restaurant subsidised by the government, in order to support and rebuild hospitality businesses affected by the (first) lockdown. We we told that we had a duty to do this. This scheme is shown to have accelerated the spread of Covid and contributed to the mutation that is variant B117. Again, I do not know how these crooks are still allowed to govern us. Variant B117 should be called ‘Boris’.

Constant lies and broken promises. Our Beloved Leader has previously promised that the pandemic will be over by: Easter 2020; summer 2020; Christmas 2020. Yet here we are in January 2021, amidst the worst throes of the disease yet. We were meant to have a ‘world-beating’ test and trace system. ‘Operation Moonshot’ just seems like more pie in the sky (it is. It is impossible, but it is part of his rhetoric of promising the earth for the future, whilst delivering nothing but misery now, and actually very little for the future).

Not preparing for the inevitable second peak in winter during the relatively calmer summer months.

Our Beloved Leader chose to ‘deliver’ Brexit on 31st December 2020 rather than postponing the deadline, wreaking more havoc on Plague Island.

Schools: difficult to know where to begin when cataloguing these errors. During the first lockdown, government were too late to close schools. When schools started back in September 2020, there was no functioning test, track and trace system in place (there still isn’t. See ‘Serco’). Everything was left to individual schools to handle, so it very much depended on resources each particular school had – remember those cuts? Hit some schools harder than others, you see. Schools were to then be responsible for the mass testing of pupils: not healthcare professionals. Teaching staff should organise this to be done on-site. Heads of secondaries were told this days before the Christmas break. Rising infections over the Christmas period; increased volumes of warnings from multiple professional bodies (including SAGE again) that schools should close for a period to impede the spread infection, yet de Pfeffel insisted that primary schools were ‘absolutely safe’ for children to return to on the Sunday before the Spring Term return … only to u-turn on the Monday evening to say schools would close until at least after the February half-term. Except for early years and nursery settings. They’re still open. Despite too being vectors for the disease, and for infection rates of under-5s having doubled in the last four weeks.

Only now, in January, 11 months after the pandemic first came to Plague Island, will arrivals to the country need to test negative for Covid.

Still no real idea when everyone will receive a vaccine. There was the suggestion by government that vaccine brands could be ‘mixed-and-matched’, something the makers of the vaccines strenuously advise against. Perhaps though, Our Beloved Leader and the Death Secretary know something that the scientists don’t?

de Pfeffel’s deceptions, selfishness, oscillations, irresponsibilities, incompetencies and self-serving decisions continue to cost people their lives, loved-ones, jobs, livelihoods and ways of living. It has caused panic, fear, despair, loneliness and uncertainty in every aspect of our lives. There is a sense that we have become desensitised to what is being done to us. The risk is that people become so used to a deceitful government, that we just shrug and grimly accept it.

This government do not care about ordinary people. We cannot allow them to continue supercharging this virus, and gaslighting us about it. We need to wake up.

~ L&A 9.1.21 ~

NB. This was only supposed to be a short post. The catalogue of catastrophes are so colossal in both volume and magnitude, that we’ve needed to split them into Part I and Part II, just to make it all easier to digest for us the authors, and for you, our readers.

This is an overview; a whistle-stop tour of foreseeable catastrophic failure, if you will. In years to come, Ph.D dissertations will be written about these failings by UK government, which will be used to examine the devastating scourge of late capitalist ideology.

We will need to add more to the catalogue, eventually, as this isn’t over by a long shot. There will surely be a Part III.

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