And the Newspapers Said, ‘It’s All Your Fault, Stupid Peasants’

Do you know what I’m getting really tired of? Government leaks to newspapers. I’m reading everything about what’s going to happen before it happens, via a newspaper, where there is no given certainty that something will actually happen.

Do ministers do it to test the water? To see what people’s appetites are for one course of action over another?

Professor Chris Whitty is doing the rounds in the media today. Tougher restrictions might be needed; he’s saying just because we are allowed to do some permitted activities, it doesn’t mean that we should. Surely, if an activity is known to be spreading Covid, just stop the speculation and stop the activity immediately.

Professor Chris Whitty, 11th January 2021

The onus is firmly being put upon individuals rather than blaming unclear and confusing government instructions and policies. Indeed it has been this way for a long time. Remember that a great many people are still going to work; more children are attending school partly because of the change in distinction of what a ‘vulnerable’ child is, and nurseries and early years settings are still open.

Importantly, the spike we’re living through now isn’t anything to do with what is happening now. It is due to a catalogue of catastrophic negligence due to improper and badly timed earlier lockdowns. We are living through the consequences of government inactivity from before Christmas: Christmas shopping; people gathering in supermarkets to get their festive food; household mixing if only on Christmas Day – all of it permitted. ‘Just because it is permitted, doesn’t mean you should do it’ is  a feeble code for ‘We are going to blame you plebs for this’.

Regent Street, London, 5th December 2020

Let’s not forget that people had been given the dream by Our Beloved Leader of a 5 day Christmas celebration with multiple households. As foolish as that was, it was another of de Pfeffel’s ‘things are bad now, but they will be better in the future!’ promises, which inevitably get broken. Because he fears being unpopular (as a Populist politician, being popular is all he really has), he stuck with that stupid promise until almost the bitter end. When it was decided that 5 day, multiple house parties actually could not happen, it was too much for some to bear. Some obeyed the new rules, some didn’t. It does feel that people are becoming exhausted of the constant 11th-hour u-turns.

There are some people who are not following the lockdowns now: some believe it’s all a conspiracy and that it is being done to control people and curtail civil liberties (this is a Libertarian view, which could have an element of truth, in that a government will use a crisis to their advantage). There are popular newspapers that are pushing people’s buttons about this issue, too (The Daily Fail). Sadly, many more people have just lost faith and trust in the government’s handling of the pandemic here on Plague Island. The beginning of this was significantly marked by Our Beloved Leader’s unwavering support of Dominic Cummings, then along came tidal waves of u-turns, lack of clarity and broken promises over too many things.

Boris Johnson announcing UK was past the peak of the virus, 30th April 2020

This could be the onset of so-called ‘lockdown fatigue’. It is a major problem because none of our lockdowns have been sufficient (the first one was okay, but it’s effects were largely obliterated by Eat Out to Help Out/fast and reckless easing – another of Our Beloved Leader’s punts where he kicked the proverbial ball up the field, closed his eyes and hoped for the best, shouting ‘THIS WILL ALL BE OVER BY AUGUST!’).

The questions the government urgently need to answer are:

– How do they regain the trust they have lost?

– What will they do if they can’t?

~ L&A 11.1.21 ~

2 thoughts on “And the Newspapers Said, ‘It’s All Your Fault, Stupid Peasants’

  1. Promises are worse than lies. Because you make others hope, hope for something that you are not sure that you can give; but it calms the masses so The Caveat King will likely keep right on promising.

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