We’re No.1!

We are currently the country with the highest Covid death toll in the world. The Independent reports that nearly 1,000 people are dying every day on Plague Island, whereas New Zealand – who took a very different strategy to combat the virus to us – have not recorded a Covid death for four months.

OurWorldinData, from The Independent, January 18th 2021

Our tiny island! We’ve even beaten the Amnesians this week. When de Pfeffel promised we’d be ‘world-beating’, who would have known he meant this? However, given his track record, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

This comes at the same time the Covid-19 vaccine is being rolled out. Today’s inspiring speech was from the Death Secretary. He said ‘Don’t blow it now” (from the Daily Briefing on Monday 18th January). The subtext here is that we were the ones who fucked it up in the first place, and here they are, coming to our rescue, cleaning up the mess from our stupid decisions.

We must not let this awful government convince us that we are to blame. Every time they try to blame us, remember that all they are doing is practicing their excuses come the inquest. It’s also ‘Big Lie’ theory: repeat it enough and it becomes the truth. Trump is a grandmaster of Big Lie; de Pfeffel is his acolyte.

The vaccine itself is the end point not only for the virus, but also for the consequences of the government’s epic catalogue of failures and negligence. The tragic thing is the vaccine cannot bring back those who have died, nor relieve the suffering of those affected by Long Covid.

All of this was avoidable. Never let them make you forget that.

~ L&A 18.1.21 ~

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