Take it on the Chin

Amber Marie, ‘Dark Boris’, 2021. Image used with permission from the artist.

100,162 recorded deaths from Covid-19 in the UK as of today.

100,162 people dead: loved ones – somebody’s someone. These are lost lives, not statistics. We must never allow ourselves to become used to the unrelenting horror show that this is.

How did we come to this?

In March 2020, when it first became clear that Covid was going to be a problem here, we were told that 20,000 deaths would be a good outcome. I remember the shock of hearing that figure and feeling dread that this many people were probably going to die from this disease; alone, gasping for breath and afraid. We now have 5x that number, with deaths showing no signs of slowing down just yet, as Professor Chris Whitty tells us that deaths will come down very slowly over the next couple of weeks.

We do have some positive signs that the infection rates are falling: today showed the lowest infection rates in 2021, although these rates are still very high, they are nonetheless showing a downward trend. Despite uncertainty over vaccines in terms of when some people will be vaccinated with their first dose and others with their second dose (the government want to extend the gap between vaccines to 12 weeks, which is beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations), and there are apparent supply issues at the moment due, in part, to Brexit, the fact remains that vaccines exist. So far, the UK have vaccinated over 5,000,000 people.

This is not because of de Pfeffel, though. It is despite him and his never-ending, ruinous decisions. The vaccination programme is being handled by the NHS, and has not been outsourced to a private company (yet). Regardless of how all this turns out, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson should never be forgiven for what he has unleashed in the UK. We are Plague Island because of him. Even if the virus was to disappear today, we still have 100,162 dead. We will have more dead tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that …

From the second that de Pfeffel said “perhaps you could ‘take it on the chin’”, we knew we were doomed.

100,000, whilst numbingly sad and shocking, is not a surprise. Not with him in charge. It certainly looks very much like the unethical herd immunity plan never went away and was followed, if not in public, but privately. Perhaps we will know with more certainly when Dominic Cummings turns star witness at the inquest, in a last ditch effort to save the hell-bound embers of his ragged soul. This shame tarnishes him, too.

Our Beloved Leader said today that he takes “full responsibility” and that the government “truly did everything we could” (BBC News). If that is true, then he should resign. Unless he is honest about why we have reached this awful milestone – and one which we shall soon surpass – then his words are just hollow, tokenistic rhetoric. In fact, what is he taking ‘full responsibility’ for?  Let’s face it, come the inquest, he won’t step forward from his cabinet and say ‘I was in charge, it’s all my fault.’ This disingenuous runt of a man certainly won’t ‘take it on the chin.’ He will be busy throwing those who served in his cabinet under the proverbial bus (at this point, it will make sense as to why Hancock and Williamson are still around).

But we shouldn’t be waiting for the inquest. It is our patriotic duty to hold him, them all, to account ourselves. Let’s never allow him to talk his way out of this. Regardless of how this pandemic ends, he cannot sell us the victory and pretend it is his, and that he shares our pain. We know precisely how we got into this wreckage, and we cannot grant him and his ilk the opportunity to re-write what happened.

~ L&A 26.1.21 ~



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