The Truth is Not Available for Comment at This Time: An open letter to Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

Open letter to parents, carers and guardians, Boris Johnson, 30th January 2021

Dear Beloved Leader,

This letter is in response to your open letter to parents, carers and guardians of children, where you thanked us for the “great job” we’re doing home-schooling our children. This is much the same as you clapping for NHS workers, isn’t it? You know, where you make a token gesture, devoid of any real meaning, to make it look like you were/are actually doing something. To clarify, are you thanking parents for listening to you,  or ignoring you? As many of us see through you and do what we know is right for our children, which usually conflicts with your horrendous decisions.

Perhaps the aim of your intensely patronising letter is to appeal to parents so they will not side with teaching unions again if, when you decide to reopen schools, they are not safe enough (once more). Not all of our unions on Plague Island have been decimated and we still have a couple of sectors with unions that are going strong: transport unions and teaching unions.

Thank God.

The relevant ones here are the teaching unions, who have opposed your government’s negligent and dangerous decisions, and have held you to account more so than the actual opposition since Keir Starmer became Labour leader. You must be terrified of their power when combined with parents questioning and refusal to do as they are told. Decisions made based on scientific evidence and facts; ones not driven by bluster. It is clear that this is really just a PR opportunity to get the public to side with you, and to boast about what the government are supposedly doing for school-aged children.

Your letter is so insulting. You have no idea of the real impact that this is having upon children and families. From a life spent in an ivory tower, you couldn’t possibly know how this affects ordinary people, even though you pretend you do. It goes beyond missed play dates, Beloved Leader. It is life itself turned upside-down; a mental health crisis for a generation as well as a public health crisis. Families are kept apart. For some, it is a loved one whose life has been stolen by Covid. Why don’t you acknowledge that?

The only thing close you that you have lost due to this pandemic is Dominic Cummings. The sad truth is that long after you have run off into the sunset to live a life of luxury as a Lord, away from the mess you have created, we will be left to bear the scars.

However, we get it. We understand. You thought that after you won your epic victory at the 2019 election, that you would spend the next 4-5 years living off the myths of Brexit: selling us a past that never was. I am sure it has crossed your mind at least once or twice that this isn’t what you signed up for.

You talk about the last 12 months bringing out “the very best in a great many people”. The same people you called unskilled workers? The people who you will not give a pay rise to? The people whose living conditions have gradually worsened every day because of you and 10 years of your party’s policies? Yet people still turn up day after day and perform small miracles. Not because of you though; despite you.

Don’t be offended when we laugh as you yet again do you trick of making hollow promises about the future. When this is all over, you say you’ll pay millions of pounds into national catch-up programmes. What are the chances, should the money materialise, that it will go to schools via companies linked to the Tory party? Many of us know that it isn’t just this pandemic that has caused children to fall behind.  Your government has spent 10 years systematically stripping schools bare, so they have already lacked vital funding to pay for staff and resources for many years. (The same is true about the NHS. Ten years of underfunding has left it in a precarious situation – this is something else you hope people won’t notice).

You see, this pandemic is exposing everything about you and your government and the truth is, more of us are seeing through you. And you know it. The mismanagement of this pandemic is of your making. It is you and your government who dealt us “the trickiest of hands”. It will be difficult for you to gloss over the truth on this one.

The only letter we are really interested in is the one offering your resignation.

Yours unfaithfully,

The Plague Islanders

~ L&A 30.1.21 ~

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