Clapping Isn’t Necessary

Oh God, not the clapping for the NHS thing again. Please Lord: MAKE IT STOP. NHS nurses, doctors, porters, cleaners, etc, need a pay rise. Your claps don’t buy them and their families food. Don’t stand there, virtue signalling, ringing your fucking bell, making sure you’re clapping louder than your neighbour. You’re not doing yourContinue reading “Clapping Isn’t Necessary”

The Issue of Schools

SUNDAY 3.1.21 Our beloved leader said schools were safe and to send our children. We were to ignore the teaching unions, scientists and scientific organisations (including SAGE), who had been warning about the risks posed by children mixing in classrooms.  MONDAY 4.1.21  Our beloved leader confirms all schools are to close* as children are actingContinue reading “The Issue of Schools”

Are You Being Served? 1975

Just flicking through the TV and there is an episode of ‘Are You Being Served’ on, called ‘Coffee Morning”, from 1975. The synopsis is: The Grace Bros gang go all militant in the department store comedy. When the staff’s coffee breaks are timed, they decide to take union action.  Is this a coincidence? Yes, probably.Continue reading “Are You Being Served? 1975”

The Power Of Their Common Sense

Written in late May 2020 We have to read between the lines with how Cummings defended his actions and those around him who justified it. When we look closely we see the same message from the powerful as that put forward by Rees-Mogg. The confused, ‘normal’ people should do as they are told but theContinue reading “The Power Of Their Common Sense”