Boris’ Adventures in the Land of Hope and Glory

(We have have already discussed Johnson as an Eternity politician. This article is a companion to that one). The first thing to remember is that Eternity politicians are generally Populists.  Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are Populist, right-wing Nationalists, who disseminate the myth of an ‘exceptional’ people as a marketing ploy to push their poisonousContinue reading “Boris’ Adventures in the Land of Hope and Glory”

Charity Begins at Home

It looks like austerity and the pandemic are really biting into the Prime Minister’s purse. His struggles are becoming more profound: first, he didn’t know how he was going to afford a nanny on his pitiful £100K salary for his latest child, Wilfred (thank goodness he wasn’t furloughed, otherwise he and Carrie would have neededContinue reading “Charity Begins at Home”