Keir Starmer Needs YOU!

I received this email in my inbox from Keir Starmer and Labour the other day. I think Labour must have forgotten that both of us are no longer members because of their purge of their Left membership. We just no longer felt welcome; our values were no longer wanted by this incarnation of the party, and we no longer wanted to give our money to a party who we had no idea anymore what it stood for.

So, here it is. We will reply point-by-point.

‘A year ago today you elected me to be Leader of the Labour Party.’

No, we didn’t vote for you. We did, however, give you the benefit of the doubt as the new Leader of the Opposition. Late last year though, it all became too much, and we left. We could no longer turn a blind eye to the positions that Starmer was taking (or lack thereof).

‘[…] in the 365 days since I hope that I have made you proud.’

No, you have us feel ashamed, embarrassed and thoroughly disappointed with what has happened to the Labour Party. Your leadership has made it feel sapped of energy, drained of ideas and out of solutions to fix the gargantuan mess we are in.

Holding the Tories to account should be the easiest task in the world– especially someone with your apparent credentials. Proud we are not, and we take zero pleasure in this feeling.

‘I believed that another future was possible. It’s a year later, and I hold that belief more strongly than ever before.’

The only future you’re making possible is the danger of yet another electoral win for the Tories. Yes, a GE is a few years away yet and things can change – and we sincerely hope they do. But at the moment, we don’t see it. Your leadership is abysmal; the only thing you’re offering us is either agreement with the Tory vision of the world, or you tinker with their vision so it’s only a little bit different. 

Starmer must be able to see that he is merely the least worst/not as bad as Johnson et al, and it feels like he takes this very cynical approach, hoping that people will vote for him: not because they believe in him, but because they can’t vote for Johnson. It feels like he is content with being the desperation vote, ‘Like it or not, to get the Tories out, you’ve got to vote for me.’ Frankly, this is nowhere near good enough. 

We desperately want to see the Tories gone, but him being the way he is does not make voting for him a simple option.

‘The first hurdle to that future is coming up on us fast. On May 6th voters will head to the polls […]’

And there’s the crux of this communication to us on the Left. Starmer knows a couple of things:

  1. Although he has systematically antagonised us for the last year, he needs our votes.
  2. This local elections are, more than anything, a judgement on his leadership.

In a party where Left members have seemed unwanted and our ideas unwelcome, he cheekily expects us to still vote for his party because he thinks there is nowhere else for us to go.

We are not telling anyone else what to do here, and people must make up their own minds and do what they think is right for themselves and those around them. However, as things stand, we cannot vote Labour with Starmer as the leader. We went through a period thinking that we may just need to hold our noses and vote for Labour even with this weak and ineffective leader at the helm, but every single day he makes that harder and harder to do. His recent endorsement of nuclear weapons is an example (and it’s probably best not to mention his penchant for flag shagging).

Not just one, but FOUR flags.

Anyone who knows anything about nuclear weapons is already aware that if one is detonated, that’s it: The End. Why we still have them hanging around is baffling to us. 

The thing is with Starmer, we don’t even believe that he really wants to maintain our nuclear arsenal, and that’s the problem: we don’t know what Starmer actually stands for. It just feels like he’ll say anything to be popular, and we’ve had quite enough of Populists, thank-you very much. What we want and need is integrity.

‘Our country’s democracy is so much more than just the Parliament in Westminster, and it is vital that we don’t cede control of our democracy to Tory cronyism or narrow nationalism.’

Yes, our country is so much more than the muppets we have in government. As for ceding control of our democracy to Tory cronyism, remember that Starmer didn’t call for Matt Hancock’s resignation when it was found that Hancock had failed to lawfully publish Covid contacts. In fact, Starmer didn’t think it was in the public’s interest.

I mean, what kind of statement that is that from the Leader of the Opposition?

Oh, and by the way, nice flags. Way to go on defeating that ‘narrow nationalism.’

Starmer and yet another flag.

‘Thank-you for your trust.’

Now we know he is definitely taking the piss.

Unless he dramatically ups his game, we are going to see Labour decimated in the local elections on May 6th, and a leadership challenge soon after, if Starmer’s resignation is not forthcoming.

All eyes to May 6th.

~ L&A 6.4.21 ~

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