… And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead

It has been reported today that our truth-twisting, shape-shifting, lying, corrupt bastard of a PM said in October 2020 that he would rather allow ‘bodies to pile high in their thousands’ (Independent) than impose another national lockdown.

Let that sink in.

Bodies piling high in their thousands.

150, 841 people in the UK have Covid-19 as the cause of death on their death certificates to date (Monday April 26th2021). On 27th December 2020, the UK had 70, 752 Covid-19 deaths (Sky News). This means that more than double the amount of Covid deaths have happened in just four months.

Bodies have indeed piled high in their thousands. 

150, 841: Wives. Husbands. Mothers. Fathers. Grandmothers. Grandfathers. Daughters. Sons. Sisters. Brothers. Nieces. Nephews. Cousins. Lovers. Friends. 

Johnson’s (in)actions directly contributed to those thousands of people dying. His attitudes and responses have bought us pestilence and death.

Of course, he has denied ever saying it. When asked today if he did, his reply was, ‘No, but I think the important thing I think people want us to get on and do as a government is to make sure that the lockdowns work.’ (Independent).

This is the equivalent of saying ‘Look, forget about that. Think once again of the future!’ How many times are Plague Islanders going to fall for that con trick?

Cronyism is rife with Johnson and the Tories. They embody sleaze and everything that is morally bankrupt about the era in which we are living. Everything you might have thought that is rotten about them, actually is rotten, and more. It is as bad, if not worse, that you ever could have imagined.

The thing is – and this took us a little while to get our heads around – at first, we thought he was just incompetent. That would have been bad enough. However, he is not incompetent. He does not lack ability; he lacks care, for anyone who he doesn’t see as his people.

Ironically, it may well be that viper Dominic Cummings who will bring down Johnson’s reign (fingers crossed). And even if he doesn’t directly bring him down, at least his evidence will show the world what Johnson was and is really like. 

Nero, his mistress and Machiavelli in happier times

It is important to note here that anything Cummings calls out, is also against his own self. He is trying to distance himself from Johnson come the inquiry, so that he doesn’t go to prison, so Cummings isn’t doing this for any kind of public good. Regardless of whatever comes out of that man’s mouth, it would serve us all well to remember that Cummings was up to his fucking neck in it as well. 

Thick as thieves, as the saying goes (which turns out to be something very close to the truth in this case).

We predict that if these issues continue to blow up in Johnson’s face (the ‘bodies piling high in their thousands’ comment/general tales of sleaze and corruption, not to mention the Super League debacle and the rumours that he may have been in favour of it), watch over the next few weeks as Matt Hancock and/or Gavin Williamson are jettisoned from the cabinet as the Fall Guys.

~ L&A 26.4.21 ~




2 thoughts on “… And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead

  1. I cannot wait for the next installment of Borisgate; apparently Cummings has recordings of these conversations during meetings to back up his accusations; watch out Captain Loathsome and his moll Cummings is coming for you.


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