The Eton Variant (The One Where Nothing Changes)

Don’t travel to Amber countries, even though there’s no ban.

Don’t sit inside with others, even though indoor hospitality re-opened today.

Don’t hug anyone outside of your household or bubble, even though you can do a ‘Boris hug’ (and that’s not code for, ‘Get your mistress pregnant/divorce another wife, etc’).

We have a new variant on Plague Island, bought in by aeroplane from India, just like the original Covid-19 variant was bought into the UK all those months ago.

UK borders are still open.

Caveat King strikes again:

I’ve kept up my side of the bargain by unlocking everything again. Now you keep up your side of the bargain by being cautious, and not partaking in any of the things I’ve unlocked. On your heads be it! Remember, if you do go out, you’re spoiling everything by letting the infection spread. It is YOU who will force me to lock down again. But, if you don’t go out, it is YOU a who will be wrecking businesses, destroying lives …

Lucky, the UK didn’t ban Indian travel when it banned travel from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Then again, Johnson was never scurrying for a trade deal with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It’s difficult being able to see through him; seeing his little tricks at play, yet again.

Surely, it can’t be long before everyone else sees through him?


(If you are the artist and would like to be credited, please get in touch)

~ L&A 17.5.21 ~

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