Covid and The Tell-Tale Heart: Prelude to Dominic Cummings at the Select Committee

The demon escaping it’s confines, November 2020.

This is a strange day; a day when we find ourselves agreeing with Dominic Cummings. He said had better people – ‘competent’ people (Guardian) – been in charge last year, we could have avoided the series of lockdowns. 

Okay, we now only kind of agree – phew!

We agree that if we had better people in charge, they would have handled the response to the virus so much better (we are sure that is what he meant … probably). However, we don’t buy the ‘competent people’ argument put forward by Cummings at all. This is for two reasons:

  1. The decisions were being made by Cummings and his cabal around Johnson. If there were incompetent people there at that time, then it was Cummings himself who let them stay. (When would Dominic Cummings ever let anyone he considers to be incompetent, or beneath him, get their way? Come on). 
  2. The virus response is not a disaster due to incompetence; it is a due to a total lack of care for the population. This virus response was/is one governed by, ‘Let the bodies pile up in their thousands’, and ‘Protect the economy and if a few pensioners die, too bad.’ 

The people around Johnson, and indeed Johnson himself, did not lack competence. What they lacked was humanity, care, a sense of responsibility and any semblance of morality.

Johnson was/is the worst possible Prime Minister to have at the worst possible time, supported by a myopic libertarian demon masquerading as a human. Now the demon wants to gain a soul and see if it can transcend to Heaven, come the time. The buck stops with Johnson because advisers advise, and it is up to the recipient of that advice to act upon it, or dismiss it. However, this underplays and oversimplifies what and who Cummings was to Johnson. He was not merely an adviser: Cummings was instead the architect (who now complains where the toilets have been placed in the building).

The ‘I was only an advisor’ will be Cummings’ final trump card, and one it is hard for Johnson to get out of because, ultimately, it is true. We are some way from that card being played yet: currently, Cummings is on the, ‘If only they has listened to me’ route, but when that fails, we will see him doing anything he can to stay out of prison.

And keep him from being vanquished back to Hell.

~ L&A 23.5.21 ~

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