Covid and the Tell-Tale Heart, Part II: Rats and the Sinking Ship

‘Do not adjust your mind, the fault is in reality.’ R.D. Laing

Listening to Dominic Cummings speaking at the Select Committee Hearing today has left us with mixed feelings. 

Dominic Cummings at the Select Committee Hearing, 26th May 2021

It’s a weird one because there is no joy in knowing that, actually, we and many others were right. We sensed this was a chaotic, catastrophic mess from mid-February 2020, that just got worse than we could have ever thought possible from then onwards. At times, it felt like Cummings was the doctor who gave us the bad news we knew was coming, but it’s still no less devastating.

Many times over the last year we have heard and read, ‘Boris is doing his best!’ 

What a total fucking joke that sounds now, so much more than it already did.

It’s quite clear from everything that we’ve written and documented on Plague Island since January 5th 2021, combined with Cummings’ statements today, that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson categorically was not doing his best. Ever. At times, if Cummings is to be believed, Johnson was a liability of the socially murderous kind.

He continues to be, as Cummings described him today, a ‘Shopping trolly smashing from one side of the aisle to the other.’

Matt Hancock was also rightly given a rough ride by Cummings, but this isn’t to spare the public from more criminal incompetence from the Death Secretary – it is more to back Johnson into a corner. Johnson can either get rid of Hancock, but this would add credence to everything Cummings has claimed, or, Johnson can support Hancock, knowing full-well that Cummings has evidence to demonstrate what he has claimed about the Death Secretary today. 

Do not be fooled into thinking that Cummings is making these revelations for anyone else’s benefit but his own. This is a game to him. He was one of the rats, within the inner circle, making these decisions. He only left his government position in November 2020 when he could see what was coming next (i.e. the catastrophic second peak of the disease). 

He cannot cleanse himself of his shame. Things like that don’t wash off, as much as he may try.

What were now left wondering is, how much longer are MPs and the public willing to tolerate this disgrace as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland? How much longer are we going to allow literal criminals to run this country? 

Johnson and this current government are an affront to just about everything that’s decent and what civilised society stands for. It is here that the press also must pick their side when they run their stories tomorrow. Are they going to hold the government to account, or cover Johnson’s tracks like always?

And whilst we’re at it, where is the Leader of the Opposition? All that time wasted providing ‘constructive opposition’ was time spent enabling a social murderer. ‘Constructive opposition’ feels ever more like a translation for tacit agreement.

The ever-supportive Keir Starmer

We have been badly let down by not only the government, but the opposition too, who should have held them to account over every mistake and devastating policy. Is Starmer finally going to stand up and take part in holding them to account? Surely, the time for constructive opposition is over? It’s been over for a long time, but even Starmer must get it now?

The cracks are showing and have been on show for the whole time to anyone willing to honestly look. We simply cannot allow this charade to carry on any longer than it has, as it has already gone on 152,068 deaths too long.

~ L&A 26.5.21 ~

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