Back to Normal

Two week’s time, 19th July 2021, is set to be the ‘terminus point’ (who keeps thinking up these stupid soundbites?). That is, the point of no return from Covid restrictions: e.g. no legal requirement to wear masks, to socially distance, an end to school bubbles, no legal limit on gatherings, etc. Yet, we are clearly in a third wave: in our local area alone, the Covid rate is now 112 per 100k compared to 12 per 100k a month ago. How can the government possibly be contemplating things getting ‘back to normal’ just yet? The vaccine rollout seems to have weakened the chain between infection/hospitalisation/death, but there is still the issue of long covid and how the disease affects young people in the long term. There is news that scientists are concerned about an impending Influenza epidemic in the autumn/winter season this year: how well will that combine with Covid and zero mitigations? There is also the grave possibility that new strains of the virus could evolve, ones that can evade current vaccines. 

The government let Covid in, let it rip not just once but three times, and are now not even pretending to try and control it anymore. There is almost too much of a mess for them to clean up, even though the tools are there for them to use and we were almost there in putting a lid on it, before Johnson let the Delta variant roll into town. Johnson and his crew seem to be thinking now, ‘Fuck it; we are totally bored. Just get on with it, you plebs. You’re on your own – do try not to die.’

Martin Rowson, appearing in Kevin Maguire’s Mirror article

When we hear them speak of ‘giving us our freedom’, read it as them dodging responsibility; washing their hands of it, if you will. The truth is that Our Beloved Leader knows his time is running out on the goodwill from the vaccine bounce, so he needs to move us along. He made so much about ‘have the vaccine and then freedom awaits’, but that was prior to him letting in the Delta variant. He knows with so many people vaccinated the logical question is: when are we free to move around as we want? This is, of course, a fair question. The truth is that we are a few weeks into a third wave and this threatens his Road Map. So, what is his answer? It is to simply ignore the evidence and just tell us we are free to do as we please – but to be careful – and on our heads be it. What he needs is a press so enamoured with pubs being open and masks removed that no one notices the creeping number of infected and then the number of hospitalisations. Then the deaths.

Our Beloved Leader is selling us a product with no intention of honouring the warranty when things go wrong. To stretch the analogy: when things go wrong, he will tell you that your freedom is broken because of user error. It is definitely not the fault of the manufacturer.

When he speaks of getting back to normal remember that our ‘normal’ is late lockdowns and ineffective measures. Every day is a grim record in one way or another and we have a government who could not care less. 

What a new normal needs to look like is the people holding these criminals to account.

~L&A 5.7.21~ Independent article Mirror article


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