Boris as Eco-Warrior

Asleep at the wheel

There he is, Boris Johnson, our leader in all his splendour and glory: the supposed embodiment of Britishness.

Our representative on the world stage.

Doesn’t he just make you so very proud to be English? What a sight to behold! Johnson, clueless and maskless – sitting beside Sir David Attenborough, the masked, 95 year-old climate activist – looking bored and weeny bit asleep at the COP26 World Leaders Summit in Glasgow. 

In his ridiculous, blathering opening speech, he wittered on about the domesday clock reading one minute to midnight as if it was some majestic insight of his. However, scientists have actually been warning us about our slide towards midnight since 1947, way back when we had a lot more than one minute to turn back time (it has since moved 6 minutes and 20 seconds closer to midnight, to be precise). Johnson has merely latched on to the coat-tails of contemporary environmentalism in order to remain popular and to appear to be doing something. It also changes the headlines away from him as the reckless liar of a PM he is. We are still very much living with the spectre of Covid on Plague Island, despite the false promises of Freedom Day: 293 deaths were recorded today, with the loss of 1,131 people over the last 7 days.

Back to the subject of environmentalism and the climate crisis, it’s important to remember that Johnson and his ilk have been weak at best and obstructive at worst on the subject of environmental degradation. Indeed, Boris Johnson’s voting record, according to The Week, suggests that combating climate change hasn’t been of significant importance to him, particularly between 2004-2020. During his time as Mayor of London, he wrote many climate-sceptical articles, stating that as we still have cold winters in the UK, how can the be a climate crisis? (That was in 2013). He was financed for his mayoral and prime ministerial elections by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, who are a climate science denial group. Johnson voted against a parliamentary motion in 2019 to generate a ‘green industrial revolution to decarbonise the economy and boost economic growth’. He’s not been much better during him tenure as PM, where televised debates on the subject as well as the party manifesto gave barely any attention to the issue. 

Most recently we have had the raw sewage controversy, where private companies have been allowed to dump raw sewage into the rivers and oceans of the UK. Then there’s the destruction of ancient trees and woodlands for the groundwork of the completely unnecessary HS2 railway, as well as the renewal of the nuclear submarine, Trident.

Still, good to know he’s taking it seriously now hosting COP26! 

Another peculiar thing about his speech was his focus on young people and the next generation. We suspect they already see through Johnson, as theirs is the generation who will be most affected by this climate crisis (and also Brexit). Everything with him is just words. There are no meanings, actions or substance.

Just bear in mind that whenever Johnson makes a statement about something, he is almost always trying to distract you from something else.

Sweet dreams on your private jet home, Boris. 

~ L&A 2.11.21 ~

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