Like a Ship Without a Rudder

Happy New Year, Plague Islanders.

Except, it’s a new year with same old pestilence problems that have dogged us since March 2020. Namely, Covid-19 and the reckless, corrupt, and now aimless, Conservative government.

We have crazy high numbers of Covid/Omicron infections on our tiny island. One in fifteen people were infected in the last week of 2021. We used to think it was high when it was one in fifty. Whilst this variant seems to be doing less damage in terms of people needing ventilation and the number of daily deaths, it is nonetheless crippling an already dying National Health Service.

Having a heart attack? Need an ambulance? Drive yourself to hospital; remember to take the change for the car park with you, won’t you? Try not to die on the way there, dear.

We’re not joking. In all honesty, we’re deeply concerned at the thought of either us, our children, or any member of our family needing emergency hospital treatment any time soon.

Johnson knows how much of a mess everything is in, but read what he said at yesterday’s press conference: 

‘The NHS is under huge pressure. I won’t provide a definition of what being overwhelmed would constitute because I think that different trusts, at different moments, will feel at least temporarily overwhelmed.’

‘Temporarily overwhelmed’. That’s like saying you’re suffering temporarily from a total nervous breakdown. 

Our Beloved Leader continued:

‘I’ve just got to say to people, as I said yesterday, there will be a difficult period for our wonderful NHS for the next few weeks because of Omicron.’

New bottle, same wine (and more cheese).

Actually, no. It’s not totally due to Omicron. It’s mostly due to Johnson and the libertarian imbeciles in his cabinet who he is afraid of and needs, as to why we are in the shit. He is desperately clinging on to power by his stubby little hands, and he needs those people in his cesspit of a cabinet to maintain that power. That’s why our sensible friends in Scotland and Wales have mandated more curbs than England, and why we look like diseased fruitcakes to the outside world. Again.

Johnson’s cabal do not care if we are safe or not. To those people, the Thatcherite slogan of, ‘There is no society’ is gospel. They just want their own interests served, which is why the window of opportunity was missed before Christmas to curb the spread of Omicron. It’s too late now. We have to endure yet again whilst King Boris cow tows to his party. He is stuck doing ‘Plan B’ because he has lost control of his ministers, and even then, he faces a backlash against even the minimum of restrictions.

Another concerning thing is, of course, that his ministers know they’ve got him over a proverbial barrel, and any regulation will either need them to support it, or will need the humiliating support of Labour getting it through again.

Hence why we are stuck and are rudderless.

Here’s to another year on Plague Island. And pray it be the last one with King Boris as Captain.

~ L&A 5.1.22 ~

One thought on “Like a Ship Without a Rudder

  1. I gleaned from our repugnant leader; that it is literally every man for himself from the deck of this fastly stinking, sinking ship.
    I eagerly await the anticipated increases to NHS charges for 2022; newspapers today inform us that prescription charges will increase to £10.15p per item as of April 2022; and will no longer be free to the over 60’s.
    What I foresee next in his cunning plan; and I beleive that the plans for the sell off of the NHS started over 10 years ago.
    So expect charges for routine bloods, x-rays, scans; in fact any diagnostic testing.
    The NHS dreams and hard work of Aneurin Bevan in 1948 will end as we know it under a conservative government and the total dominance of systems and society will be run by an elite. Sad times ahead, sad times unless of course you are part of the elite; and from Parliament we will have echoing loud and clear on the announcement of such changes “hear, hear”.


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