The Truth is Not Available for Comment at This Time

We’re on day 11 of 2022 and we are now counting down the minutes that Johnson has got left as UKPM. To be honest, he is The Thing That Should Never Have Been: he came through on a red bus of Brexit lies, riding the wave of public fatigue from Brexit. 

Whilst he may have seemed invincible up to now, somehow fending off the consequences of his countless offences, he is now crashing. He can do nothing but smirk when asked about yet another party, this time held in May 2020.

The email from May 2020 to the ’BYOB’ shindig at No.10
He knows its over. Full clip here

This smirk though, is different, it’s not one of the former Teflon trickster who knew nothing could possibly stick. This one is a nervous and altogether more fragile smirk: one of a man who knows the end is coming for him, but is unsure of the direction it’s coming from. Opposition parties are gaining momentum against him and he seems presently unable to combat that. He is sinking and every day looks more and more incompetent. He can no longer rely on his own party because he knows the knives are out for him. He is simply too much of a liability to them.

Indeed, the Front Bench was absent from today’s Parliamentary Urgent Question (UQ) session on the matter. Seemingly, no one was up for taking the weight of his shit aside from Paymaster General Michael Ellis. We watched this televised event and it didn’t look good for Johnson as opposition members stood up to share personal stories, or stories of hardships faced by their constituents during the first lockdown: accounts of missed births and celebrations, loved ones dying alone, limited funerals, whilst the PM partied again, and again, and again. At this latest reported party, ONE HUNDRED invitees were asked to bring their own booze. 

Remember that in May 2020, we were only legally permitted to meet with just ONE other person from another house outside. No ifs or buts. Those were the rules.

The police making sure the plebs follow the rules

The statements given by MPs at UQ were too much for us to listen to at certain points, which brings us onto the feelings of the public who, for the moment, seem to be seeing through Johnson and his government. Something has changed over the last couple of weeks. Previously, when the Christmas 2020 party story broke a few weeks ago, the arrogant mantra from Johnson and those around him was, ‘There was no party and the investigation will prove it.’ Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case, was originally tasked to carry out the investigation … but he couldn’t actually do so because he’d been at one of the parties that may or may not have happened.

Ye Gods.

The story gathered momentum from there, no doubt assisted by the ‘Cash for Curtains’ furore. Johnson had tried at first to sweep it all under the carpet in his usual dismissive way, but the muck had started to stick. The mantra went from, ‘There was no party and the investigation will prove it’, to, ‘We can’t talk about anything because of the investigation.’ So, there’s only really two options Johnson has:

  1. Tell the truth (seems unlikely)
  2. Stay silent

The problem is that because the public are now seeing through Johnson’s lies, everything he says comes into doubt. We have said so before, but this is the reason why he is such a danger to the public: next time there is a crisis, be it another variant or whatever, how can he possibly stand up in front of the public and tell us what to do? How can he lay down the law? How can he ever, ever pretend that, ‘We’re all in this together’? 

We are.  He is not.

Johnson had previously relied upon vaccine bounces to get through more unpopular moments and he mistakenly thought he’d get a bounce again from the most recent booster campaign. However, everything has been rightly overshadowed by his lies, corruption and contempt for us as human beings trying to navigate this pandemic hellscape for nigh-on two years. Covid has hit the majority of us on a human level. It goes beyond politics.

To say we are beyond exhausted of living under this debauched, squalid excuse of a government is an understatement. God only knows who would be deemed suitable to take over Johnson’s job, but go he must. 

And go he will.

~ L&A 11.1.22 ~

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