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Here we are. Plague Island. That’s the international name for us now, and it’s our name for us, too. We have certainly felt like a Plague Islanders rather than UK citizens for a long time now. It feels like the country is on a kamikaze mission, or a mid-life crisis at least. I suppose, in one way or another, we were Plague Island before Covid-19 made it’s way across the Seven Seas. We are facing numerous other plagues, and have been doing so for a long time: populism; crony capitalism; fallen empire; poisonous nationalism; arrogance from once having an empire; historical amnesia.  

Notes From Plague Island is a collection of articles written about UK politics and culture, and our experiences of being stranded here.


31st January 2022: Our new article 24hr Party People is now available. Read here about our hypocritical Feudal overlords.

11th January 2022: Toady’s Parliamentary Urgent Question (UQ) session felt like a funeral. Read our new note The Truth is Not Available for Comment at This Time about what must surely be the last days of King Boris’ reign.

The 100-person invitation to a BYOB party at No.10 in May 2020

6th January 2022: The corrupt refurb costs for Johnson’s No.11 flat have been in the news again today. Here is an article we wrote at the time on 2nd March 2021, Charity Begins at Home. We will write more about this subject in due course.

They say money can’t buy taste: Lotus Palmette wallpaper, £420 per 10m roll and linen fabric, £180 per metre. Designed by Lulu Lytle, Soane Britain.

5th January 2022: New note about our aimless government: Like a Ship Without a Rudder. And don’t forget to drive yourself to A&E.

New bottle, same wine (and more cheese)

30th December 2021: He definitely, definitely, did not leave Plague Island as we experienced rocketing Omicron infections and ran out of lateral flow tests and PCR test appointments. No Christmas parties for him this year though, as he wasn’t at work over Christmas. Some good news, then.

23rd December 2021: Read our contribution to Anoosh Chakelian’s article in The New Statesman: How Brexit Britain became ”Plague Island

21st December 2021: New Note from Plague Island: You Cannot Keep Spring From Coming. We recall that first lockdown in 2020. Regardless of what the liars at the top want to call it, we know it was a party.

The wine and cheese and 17 people ’meeting’

17th December 2021: Please watch this video by the autor and journalist, George Monbiot, speaking via Double Down News about Boris Johnson and the slippery road towards a dictatorship the UK is currently on.

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If you would like to contribute to the running and expansion of this site and it will not cause you any hardship then please do.

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