The Truth is Not Available for Comment at This Time

We’re on day 11 of 2022 and we are now counting down the minutes that Johnson has got left as UKPM. To be honest, he is The Thing That Should Never Have Been: he came through on a red bus of Brexit lies, riding the wave of public fatigue from Brexit.  Whilst he may haveContinue reading “The Truth is Not Available for Comment at This Time”

Like a Ship Without a Rudder

Happy New Year, Plague Islanders. Except, it’s a new year with same old pestilence problems that have dogged us since March 2020. Namely, Covid-19 and the reckless, corrupt, and now aimless, Conservative government. We have crazy high numbers of Covid/Omicron infections on our tiny island. One in fifteen people were infected in the last week of 2021.Continue reading “Like a Ship Without a Rudder”

You Cannot Keep Spring From Coming 

We remember what we were doing in May 2020, precisely because we weren’t doing much. We were living through the first lockdown here on Plague Island, where we had been instructed by the government to, ‘Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives’. Along with millions of others, we weren’t going out. We were separated fromContinue reading “You Cannot Keep Spring From Coming “

Freedom Day: A Retrospective

So, the Omicron variant is here and the government are in full-on ‘headless chicken’ mode: there was a hurried escalation to ‘Plan B’, Johnson gave a pre-recorded televised address to the nation last night urging people to get their booster shots. It was pre-recorded, you understand, so he didn’t have to face awkward press questionsContinue reading “Freedom Day: A Retrospective”

All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men … 

It’s been a funny old week on Plague Island. The mainstream news is full of ire for Boris Johnson, for the first time in what feels like forever. It appears that Johnson might well be a liar. Well, well, well, who knew? We are a little embarrassed to admit that we have taken great delightContinue reading “All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men … “

Sado-Populism and the Politics of Pain

Sado-populism is how society dies In our previous article, Post-Brexit and the Culture Wars, we discussed the concept of nostalgia: specifically, the difference between history and memory. We have also considered Boris Johnson and his American counterpart, Donald Trump, as eternity politicians. This article will focus on particular language and evocations that politicians like theseContinue reading “Sado-Populism and the Politics of Pain”

Post-Brexit and The Culture Wars

Britain is in crisis. It didn’t start with Covid but the pandemic has simultaneously revealed how precarious life actually is for the majority of people in Britain, and it continues to be used as a useful distraction by Johnson to cover his Brexit, sleaze and corruption tracks.  Britain has struggled to understand its place inContinue reading “Post-Brexit and The Culture Wars”

Are We All Just Extras in the Boris Show?

Ministers are now trying to draw a line under the shenanigans of the previous 48 hours. Come on plebs, don’t think about this one anymore. It doesn’t matter anyway now Mr. Paterson has resigned.  In brief, ministers were whipped by the Chief Whip, Mark Spencer, and Jacob Rees-Mogg, in order to overturn an impending suspensionContinue reading “Are We All Just Extras in the Boris Show?”

Boris as Eco-Warrior

There he is, Boris Johnson, our leader in all his splendour and glory: the supposed embodiment of Britishness. Our representative on the world stage. Doesn’t he just make you so very proud to be English? What a sight to behold! Johnson, clueless and maskless – sitting beside Sir David Attenborough, the masked, 95 year-old climate activist – lookingContinue reading “Boris as Eco-Warrior”