And the Newspapers Said, ‘It’s All Your Fault, Stupid Peasants’

Do you know what I’m getting really tired of? Government leaks to newspapers. I’m reading everything about what’s going to happen before it happens, via a newspaper, where there is no given certainty that something will actually happen. Do ministers do it to test the water? To see what people’s appetites are for one courseContinue reading “And the Newspapers Said, ‘It’s All Your Fault, Stupid Peasants’”

When an Emergency is Not an Emergency

Here on Plague Island, school children who do not have access to laptops for remote learning, or who cannot work from home, are to be classed as vulnerable. These children will be allowed to go to school during this latest national lockdown along with children originally classified as vulnerable, and key worker’s children. The EducationContinue reading “When an Emergency is Not an Emergency”

Shop Your School!

After much deliberating by government, schools on Plague Island have needed to return to online learning. Please refer to our previous Note ‘The Issue of Schools’, dated 5.1.21. Remember that Caveat King said on 3.1.21 that there was ‘no doubt in my mind’ that schools were safe to return to; that primary aged school childrenContinue reading “Shop Your School!”

The Flags Of Our Fathers

“Flags are bits of coloured cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people’s minds and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.” Arundhati Roy said in 2002. It was the Confederate flag being brandished around the halls of the Capitol Building which is what set off this next trail of thoughts. Usually, when mostContinue reading “The Flags Of Our Fathers”

Clapping Isn’t Necessary

Oh God, not the clapping for the NHS thing again. Please Lord: MAKE IT STOP. NHS nurses, doctors, porters, cleaners, etc, need a pay rise. Your claps don’t buy them and their families food. Don’t stand there, virtue signalling, ringing your fucking bell, making sure you’re clapping louder than your neighbour. You’re not doing yourContinue reading “Clapping Isn’t Necessary”

The Issue of Schools

SUNDAY 3.1.21 Our beloved leader said schools were safe and to send our children. We were to ignore the teaching unions, scientists and scientific organisations (including SAGE), who had been warning about the risks posed by children mixing in classrooms.  MONDAY 4.1.21  Our beloved leader confirms all schools are to close* as children are actingContinue reading “The Issue of Schools”