Covid and the Tell-Tale Heart, Part II: Rats and the Sinking Ship

‘Do not adjust your mind, the fault is in reality.’ R.D. Laing Listening to Dominic Cummings speaking at the Select Committee Hearing today has left us with mixed feelings.  It’s a weird one because there is no joy in knowing that, actually, we and many others were right. We sensed this was a chaotic, catastrophicContinue reading “Covid and the Tell-Tale Heart, Part II: Rats and the Sinking Ship”

The Eton Variant (The One Where Nothing Changes)

Don’t travel to Amber countries, even though there’s no ban. Don’t sit inside with others, even though indoor hospitality re-opened today. Don’t hug anyone outside of your household or bubble, even though you can do a ‘Boris hug’ (and that’s not code for, ‘Get your mistress pregnant/divorce another wife, etc’). We have a new variantContinue reading “The Eton Variant (The One Where Nothing Changes)”

Things We Lost in the Fire: Part I: Planning, Preparedness, Neglect and Disaster

Introduction Things have been changing here on Plague Island recently. It’s not the big changes that we would love to see, such as a decent and compassionate government taking charge, but there are changes nonetheless. The crippling lockdown we have just (re)lived through is incrementally easing and India is now the country leading the newsContinue reading “Things We Lost in the Fire: Part I: Planning, Preparedness, Neglect and Disaster”

Boris Buys Curtains Whilst The People Die

Do you know what I would find amazing and some kind of poetic justice? If the Rt.Dishonourable Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was kicked out of office/forced to resign due to the what is coming to be known as the ‘Cash for Curtains’ scandal; that he and Symonds never get to stay long enough toContinue reading “Boris Buys Curtains Whilst The People Die”

… And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead

It has been reported today that our truth-twisting, shape-shifting, lying, corrupt bastard of a PM said in October 2020 that he would rather allow ‘bodies to pile high in their thousands’ (Independent) than impose another national lockdown. Let that sink in. Bodies piling high in their thousands. 150, 841 people in the UK have Covid-19Continue reading “… And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead”

The Greed and Capitalism of the Rt. Dishonourable Boris Johnson

This week on Plague Island, we have been treated to a litany of Borisisms. The next phase of unlocking our most recent lockdown is upon us tomorrow (as the school’s Easter holidays approach, the ‘Rule of Six’ reapplies outside, and outdoor team sports restart). Our Beloved Leader would like us all to forget the pastContinue reading “The Greed and Capitalism of the Rt. Dishonourable Boris Johnson”

All Hail the Death Secretary

Without any hint of irony, the criminal who we have as Secretary of State for Health, the Rt.Dishonourable Matt Hancock, has appeared on Good Morning Britain today to say how we should be ‘thanking his team’, to remind us that we should be thankful to him as the head of that team. But only whenContinue reading “All Hail the Death Secretary”

The Name for What They Are Doing is ‘Social Murder’

There has been an editorial written recently in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) by Dr. Kamran Abbasi, who considers the actions of the UK government as ‘social murder’. It isn’t the first time this term has been used. It was first used by the philosopher Friedrich Engels in 1845, in his work The Condition of theContinue reading “The Name for What They Are Doing is ‘Social Murder’”

Take it on the Chin

100,162 recorded deaths from Covid-19 in the UK as of today. 100,162 people dead: loved ones – somebody’s someone. These are lost lives, not statistics. We must never allow ourselves to become used to the unrelenting horror show that this is. How did we come to this? In March 2020, when it first became clearContinue reading “Take it on the Chin”