Clapping Isn’t Necessary

Oh God, not the clapping for the NHS thing again. Please Lord: MAKE IT STOP.

NHS nurses, doctors, porters, cleaners, etc, need a pay rise. Your claps don’t buy them and their families food.

Don’t stand there, virtue signalling, ringing your fucking bell, making sure you’re clapping louder than your neighbour.

You’re not doing your duty. You’re just standing there looking like a brain-dead clapping seal.

If you really want to make a difference, next time you vote, make sure you DO NOT put a ‘X’ in the box next to the one that says Conservative.

~ L&A 6.1.21 ~

One thought on “Clapping Isn’t Necessary

  1. The Clap is back. The Clap, dressed up in the language of “national unity” behind “National Health Service heroes,” was always political. As so often in the past, a supposedly non-political approach made it ripe for appropriation by forces hostile to the working class, seeking to smother the essential political conflicts and opposed social interests thrown into such stark relief by the pandemic.
    A Twitter user spoke for many when summing up events: “The government hijacked #ClapForCarers #clapforNHS and cheapened it. Went from being a lovely gesture of solidarity, to Ministers using it as a weekly distraction from their failures, and the media was along for the ride. Let’s say thanks to the NHS by stopping privatisation.
    The interests of big business and working people are irreconcilably opposed. The ruling class is bitterly hostile to the notion of universal public health care, free at the point of use, and hates the NHS as the key element of the welfare reforms implemented after World War II to avert the threat of socialism. When the working class speaks of “Our NHS” they mean the service on which their lives, health and well-being depends. When the capitalist class speaks of “Our NHS,” they mean a £140 billion goldmine ripe for privatisation and plunder.
    Privatisation and fragmentation of the NHS must be stopped immediately. All rooms allocated for private patients must be utilised to treat NHS patients. This is the necessary fightback in defence of the NHS and the social right to public health care for all.

    For further information visit NHS Fightback:

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