The Cult of Trump

“It was so unquestionable! There was so much proof that our election was stolen!” Trump supporter speaking on Capitol Hill, 6th January 2021.

“What are we supposed to do? Okay? The Supreme Court’s not helping us; no-one’s helping us. Only us can help us. Only we can do it!”  (The crowd can then be heard chanting, ‘USA! USA!’) Trump supporter speaking on Capitol Hill, 6th January 2021.

“Let’s have trial by combat!” Rudy Guliani, speaking on Capitol Hill, 6th January 2021.

It’s a near cult state-of-mind. Frenzied. The votes were counted again and again: so much that I’ve lost count of how many times it has been proven that Trump did not win this election. It feels like Trump has lost every day since the initial calling of the election to Biden.

Donald J. Trump legitimately lost the 2020 election. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

The interesting thing to see about his supporters is that the more times he loses – the more times the case for the rigged/stolen election is thrown out of court – then the more this gives some of his supporters the supposed evidence that it was definitely rigged/stolen. Also, that an increasing number of people are in on it. Proof! It’s everyone against them. They are the victims – they’re always the victims. They see themselves as the endangered minority.

The frightening thing is that these Trump supporters have attacked Capitol Hill for reasons solely based on absolute lies and Trumpian fantasies. How have Trump’s distortions, alternative facts and outright lies become their truths? Quite simply, The President of Amnesia has told them that it’s the truth over a long period of time. It all started way back, with him calling everything he didn’t like hearing ‘fake news’. All media and individuals who criticised him were accused of spreading fake news. It was them against him, because he always told the truth, and was not part of any elite (that’s one of the biggest lies of all). He has been able to use a multitude of platforms: not only his powerful position as President, but social media platforms, too. Only now have Facebook and Instagram banned him (not Twitter, though, I think he generates too much traffic for them).

When one of the most powerful people in the world, a person you admire and respect, and who appears to respect you, feels like he is talking to you directly – for it to feel like he’s calling you ‘a very fine person’, ‘a patriot’, that he ‘loves you’ – perhaps then it’s hard not to feel emboldened. 

For however extreme the mentality seems, it’s beginnings are insidious, so that a person might never know that they’re becoming infected by this mindset. We’ve experienced it here on Plague Island with Brexit, and indeed the cult of Caveat King. It’s nothing new. It’s just the Amnesians do it bigger.

~ L&A 7.1.21 ~

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