Eye of the Storm

I’ll be totally honest: we have found it difficult to write a new note for Plague Island over the course of the past week.

Usually, we will take in what has been reported in various news outlets, we talk about it together and then write. There is often an immediate flow to what we write; we then do a little editing and it’s ready to publish.

However, this week, each time we have come to write, the process has stalled. 

It occurred to me last night, just before going to sleep, that it’s because there is now just too much going on here. We have a government who are corrupt to their rotten core. The Prime Minister is a liar and a cheat. He is in no way stupid, as many assume he must be; he is instead a lazy, cunning, shape-shifting trickster. The whole cabinet are sycophants who serve him and themselves only. Priti Patel is a confirmed bully (the pay-off for one of her victims came from public money recently) and now she has a strangle-hold on our right to peacefully protest. We were also treated by a reappearance by Dominic Cummings, who reminded us that if it was up to him, we would have locked down earlier to avoid a second Covid wave.

This is the guy who is an alleged eugenics enthusiast and who is meant to have said, ‘Herd immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad’. As it transpired, what he said came true – except the economy went down with it. He also took a ride to Barnard Castle with his wife and young son in the car during the first lockdown to test his eyesight. 

I don’t think it’s just us who trusts neither Cummings’ opinions nor judgement.

Our grubby government wilfully disseminate lies and misinformation through the mainstream media – who largely fall into line – so that many actually believe that these bastards are doing a good job. Our country is bitterly divided, which suits Johnson and his crew because that means whilst we are distracted and/or tearing into each other, we aren’t all looking at the fools who are sinking the ship, gorging themselves as it goes down.

In a poll just last week, de Pfeffel came out as the people’s choice to be Prime Minister if there was a General Election tomorrow. How could that possibly be? I don’t even know if that’s real, or manipulated in order to make people like us think, ‘What’s the point in resisting?’, and others to think, ‘Might as well vote for Boris, because other people think he’s doing a good job.’ Assuming it is real, it saddens us to know that many have quickly forgotten that it was Johnson himself who got us into this Covid mess, and that people are thankful to him for the UK vaccination programme. They forgot the beginning and the middle parts, and are just focusing on what we are told is the end.

Now, that’s better. There was a flow there.

It has been difficult to keep up with the amount of shit now being thrown at us here on Plague Island. It’s been harder to know where to begin recently. I think we may have felt numb, and I would go so far as to say in shock with what is being done. To realise that our country – our home, where we have grown up and once felt free – is now a country that is sliding into being a full-on authoritarian state. 

This is becoming very real and we feel the full weight of it upon us: it’s implications upon our lives and the lives of future generations if we don’t do something together to stop it. It is clear that de Pfeffel and the other rats at the helm want to pass these stifling laws in order to prevent any form of dissent against them. They rely on our passiveness, inaction, and our disbelief that this is happening, whilst with each passing day they push us down, hoping to force submission. 

They are not about respectable governance. Their governance is about power in its most vulgar form, and holding onto it no matter the cost. We must resist, organise, never be passive because we tell ourselves, ‘things could be worse.’ We must never normalise the unbelievable and we must not grow despondent, because things could and should be a whole lot better.

~ L&A 22.3.21 ~



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