A Warning For History

‘Make Trump Great Again!’ Trump must have been contemplating his next moves – although perhaps not exactly like this Trump Buddha statue, on sale on the Chinese e-commerce platform, Taobao.

Ah, Donald Trump. I must say that I’ve kind of missed him, in the most perverse way. Make no mistake, I’m no fan at all, but I do love to hate him. He’s like the villain at the end of a horror film: you know he’s gone for now, but he will be back. 

And here he is!

Banned from social media platforms for his incitement of the Capitol Hill riot earlier this year (please refer to our note, Hostiles on the Hill), he has now launched a website, 45office.com, dedicated to the retelling of his and his administration’s part in history. 

Trump’s very own social media platform will be launched in the next few months, according to Trump’s former campaign spokesperson Jason Miller (Guardian).

Being an Eternity politician, all of this is no surprise. The omittance of his glaring, catastrophic failures is typical of such a man, as is selling himself as an oppressed outsider. 45office spins the tale of Trump overcoming unspeakable odds whilst glorious in his achievements in stepping up and delivering freedom, truth and dignity for the true, forgotten and silenced Americans. 

It doesn’t matter that he completely failed to contain the spread of Covid (he didn’t even try, choosing instead to wish it away). He cast a great many of the people who he was supposed to represent into the proverbial fire.

He was impeached twice, and twice failed to win the popular vote. But in his mind, the Washington elites were just out to get him.

However, as much as we could unpick the lies and fill in the truths regarding 45office, the fact remains that Donald J. Trump is still lurking and he has real resonance with many Americans. One would be a fool to forget that 70 million Americans voted for him.

So, with the new website and plans for a social media platform that will not be subject to Facebook and Twitter controls, Trump will be free to tell his own truths.

Joe Biden and his supporters need to be very mindful of this, and not think that Trump is going to disappear any time soon. They would do well to remember not to underestimate Trump and his followers. Biden needs to look at Trump’s followers and understand why Trump still has such resonance with them, and try to understand their grievances.

For those of us who can see though Trump, it is very easy to laugh at the ridiculousness of his words and actions – in a similar way people did here on Plague Island about Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson (who some still perceive as a harmless, loveable rogue). Laughing at these people, however, plays directly into their hands, as it allows them to say to their supporters, ‘Look at what they think of us. I am the only one who speaks for you.’

America have rid themselves of Trump for now, but they need to tread with great caution. Sadly for us, we are stuck here on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, adrift and divorced from the EU, with our very own Trump in charge. 

~ L&A 30.3.21 ~




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